In the past 10 years EMS training has become a norm in the Fitness Industry due to its proven and undeniable results and overall health benefits.

While classic EMS signals often hit the muscle like an electric “hammer”, Visionbody acts softly and gently. The pulses are not perceived as being external to the body or foreign, but as a reinforcement of the natural muscle tension. Visionbody is a professional worldwide unique functional training system.

Our functional training system reinvents the way in which Electro Muscular Stimulation it’s used.

An EMS device LIKE NO OTHER: No more cables, no damp training clothes, no moistening!

Visionbody is using the latest wireless Bluetooth technology offering full comfort and freedom of movement in the training space (both, indoor and outdoor).

VISIONBODY WIRELESS EMS SYSTEM: Sets you free in every way and offers full flexibility to workout.

Visionbody is a professional EMS Training System with intelligence. All of its components are perfectly matched to deliver the most efficient and functional EMS workout.

Clothes makes people - in this case - stronger, suppler and more attractive!

The Power Suit with its sleek design, fits like a glove. This allows Visionbody to achieve unprecedented depth with maximum comfort and delivers a more efficient workout then the traditional EMS devices, offering a comfortable but intense full body training.

To free ourselves from the old EMS training concepts, the cables were replaced with the latest wireless Bluetooth technology, allowing so full freedom of movement in the training. The electrodes have been revolutionized, so you no longer need to get wet before the training. And if you think all that just goes skin-deep, you should ask about the DNA of Visionbody. Arbitrary Waveform Generation, Duty Cycle Variation and Body-Q-Key are just three of the boosters that makes Visionbody the rising star in the EMS heaven—along with you.

The heart of the system combines low and medium frequencies with maximum depth effect and adapts itself highly dynamically to the person doing the training. Pulses are only transmitted when the nerves are receptive.

The command center is preinstalled with training programs and individual combination options for a tailor-made and functional workout, including intuitive touch screen operations and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

And the UPDATE: Group Training!

Sports and exercise connect, motivate and inspire. Especially when you train together. The Visionbody System enables intense EMS functional workouts to take place in groups.

The Visionbody Power Driven Training System can enable up to 8 participants at a single touch. The first training system in the world that allows you to train in groups.

Visionbody Group Edition: each member receives his own Visionbody Box. The trainer selects the training program and controls the intervals and pulse intensity on the Visionbody Pad. The stimuli from the Visionbody Box is accompanied by the stimuli the group members give one another. This creates a group atmosphere that promises even more training success, and, above all, lots of fun!

Visionbody helps you achieve your training goals in no time!