The health awareness campaigns along with the failures of alternative – invasive – surgical weight loss and weight control methods have awakened the importance of a healthier lifestyle creating so a high demand for effective workouts and personal training guidance.



It all started with a 1st project planned in 2014 when successfully introduced for the very first time through an amazing concept the Electro Muscular Stimulation to Kuwait: the “20minutes workout” that completely changed everything you once knew about training.

EMS training: from reshaping and conditioning to fat loss and muscle formation and definition to setting up the trend in Fitness and Personal Training.

Getting not only specialized, but completely living the phenomena, studying and re-searching every single aspect onto the very finest detail to bring up now an amazing scene-changing and upgrade for everything you already thought amazing.

Visionbody – the reconceptualization of Fitness for the 21st Century!

Our aim is to offer not only the most amazing and effective training experience but also deliver all the health benefits provided and proven by the Electro Muscular Stimulation through the 2nd generation of EMS equipment’s.

All you need is 20 Minutes.

Visionbody – a suit with intelligence


With an extensive knowledge and a vast wealth of experience we are ready to bring positive changes in your life and we have made it our personal ambition to ensure achievements according to everyone’s needs, condition and goals.

Whether you’re an athlete or just beginning a fitness journey, you are in need of personal training or looking for a dynamic group class routine, searching nutritional advice or guidance, we are here to deliver that awesome result you have been searching for.

We aim to deliver a superior fitness experience and efficient training method with immediate and long-term results without downtime or side effects for a permanent lifestyle change that leads to an improved quality of life and a better, healthier living.

As the EMS training phenomena has rapidly grown in the past few years and already sets the pace in training and conditioning, Visionbody – Power Driven Gym concept will appeal more and more to your needs and sense of value and convenience as it shows effects in a very short time.

Suitable for everyone above the age of 18 (to finish growing and develop the muscular system), no matter the fitness level, shape, gender, Visionbody PDT System is a training tool we are using to create diverse combinations and methods of physical activity to ensure optimal result for different individuals and applications.  All you need is 20minutes!

Once seen results, it becomes addiction!  For real!

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